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For Startups

Early Stage Sales Essentials

Learn the essential sales techniques used by the best in the industry, tailored specifically for your startup environment. We cut out the fancy fluff, so you can stay focused on the core sales functions that truly drive predictable revenue and scalable growth.

PRICE: $997

Early Stage Sales Essentials

• How to accelerate and amplify your revenue with proven, repeatable processes.
• A focused approach to finding your ideal customer to skyrocket your close rate.
• How to jumpstart sales early on in your business.
• The key mindset to have when going into any sales call.
• The secret to prospecting and generating ACTUAL qualified leads

• How to adopt a bulletproof mindset to handle objections and stay calm under pressure.
Relationship building techniques to quickly establish trust and show up as an expert for your clients.
How to create the right internal processes to manage your CRM.
The RIGHT way to setup your sales pipeline to result in more closed deals.
How to be more strategic with accurate forecasting, allowing you to scale at the right pace .

For Individuals

Career Navigator Courses

The ultimate step-by-step framework for finding a career you love and developing the essential skills required for success in today’s modern world.

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